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Brief facts about the eclipse

Previous total eclipses in Norway: June 30, 1954 and August 1, 2008 (Arctic sea and Kvitøya)
Maximum duration of totality on Svalbard: 2 mins 34 secs
Totality in Longyearbyen: From 11.10.42,8 am – 11.13.10,2 am
Eclipse on the mainland: Generally more than 90 %
Totality on the North Pole: From 12.16.15 am – 12.18.54 am
Distance to the Moon from Longyearbyen: 356 635 km
Diameter of the Moon: 3474 kilometer
Alttude of the Sun during totality in Longyearbyen:: 11.2-11.3 degrees
next total solar eclipse on the Earth: March 9, 2016 (including Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, the Pacific, not visible from Norway)
Width of totality zone: Variable, from a few hundrer kilometers over the Atlantic to more than 1000 kilometers near the North Pole.
Average velocity of totality zone: 4200 kmph

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