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Diameter: 1 392 000 kilometers (109 times the Earth)
Mean distance from Earth: 149.6 million kms
Mean surface temperature: 5500 degrees Celsius
Temperature in the core: 15.6 million degrees Celsius
Density in the core: 150 times the density of water
Luminosity: 3,86 * 1026 Watt
Luminosity: Radiates each second an amount of energy equivalent to the use of electrical energy in Norway in 600 million years!
Density in the core: 250 billion atmospheres
Atmosphere: Very low density. Three layers and extremely high temperatures in the outer layer
Chemical composition of the atmosphere: As the rest of the outer layers: 74 % hydrogen, 24 % helium
Rotation:From 25.4 days at the equator, up to 36 days at the poles
Age: Approximately 4.6 billion years
Mass: 1.989 * 1030 kg = 330 000 times the mass of the
Period of orbit around center of Milky way: 225 million years

More information about the Sun "The eight planets"

Eclipse shades for the events

It is important to get eclipse shades for the unique transit of Venus of June 6, 2012. If you miss this one, you will not have any other opportunity! More information about eclipse shades and solar telescope

Vårt magiske univers: Norwegian movie about space

Magnificent images, movies accompanied by majestic music.

Extensive Norwegian DVD about space and eclipses.

Separate tracks about the eclipses in Norway in 1954, Turkey in 2006, the Arctic in 2008 and China in 2009.

DVD describing the celestial events (in Norwegian, but highly self-explanatory) 2010-2015

The film describes what will happen, why and what it will look like from different locations in Norway, on the Moon and from the Sun. More information (in Norwegian)

Web sites News from space in Norwegian describes the spectacular total solar eclipse taking place on Svalbard and the North Pole on March 20, 2015.



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